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Products found to contain undeclared medicines

Warning on slimming product with banned drug ingredient
The Department of Health (DH) today (December 11) appealed to members of the public not to buy or consume a slimming product named "Green Portfolio" as it may contain undeclared and banned drug ingredients that are dangerous to health.
Laboratory test on the product sample today revealed that the slimming product, which had been obtained earlier from an Internet auction website during DH's surveillance operation, was found to contain trace amount of sibutramine and phenolphthalein.
"Sibutramine is a Part I poison and was once a Western medicine used as an appetite suppressant. Since November 2010, products containing sibutramine have been banned because of an increased cardiovascular risk. Phenolphthalein was once used for treating constipation but has been banned for its possible cancer-causing effect," the spokesman explained.
The spokesman urged the public not to buy products of unknown or doubtful composition, or consume products from unknown sources, such as the Internet. "People should consult healthcare professionals if they feel unwell or are in doubt after taking the product," the spokesman urged.
Members of the public who are still in possession of the product can surrender it to the DH's Drug Office, Room 1801, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, during office hours for disposal.
"Weight control should be achieved through balanced diet and appropriate exercise. People should consult healthcare professionals before using any medication for weight control," the spokesman concluded.