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Products found to contain undeclared medicines

Canada: Foreign Product Alert: Lose Weight capsules, Nangen Zengzhangsu, PHQ 1001 Khasiat Penawar Herba Qaseh Serata Herb, Slim-Vie Slimming Capsules, TONIK TUAN HAJI 1921, VENERGY Capsule
Health Canada announces that the following foreign health products have been found by regulators in other countries to contain undeclared drug ingredients:
. VENERGY Capsule 100mg - Undeclared sildenafil
. Nangen Zengzhangsu - Undeclared sildenafil
. Lose Weight capsules - Undeclared sibutramine and diclofenac
. Slim-Vie Slimming Capsules - Undeclared sibutramine, sildenafil, and phenolphthalein
. PHQ 1001 Khasiat Penawar Herba Qaseh Serata Herb - Undeclared dexamethasone, piroxicam, griseofulvin and paracetamol
. TONIK TUAN HAJI 1921 - Undeclared dexamethasone

Canadians are advised to consult a healthcare professional if they have health concerns related to the use of any of these products.

Please refer to the following website in Health Canada for details:

In Hong Kong, the above products are not registered pharmaceutical products. Related news was previously issued by various drug regulatory authorities, and was posted on the Drug Office website on 5 April 2017, 10 April 2017, 11 April 2017 and 21 April 2017.

Ends/Saturday, Jun 10, 2017
Issued at HKT 13:00

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