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Last Updated: 24-May-2019
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There is news related to local recall of this product within six months. For more details, please click the red flag of the product.
*-Prescription Only Medicines are medicines which must only be purchased with a prescription in a pharmacy.
 -Pharmacy Only Medicines are medicines which can be purchased in a pharmacy in the presence and under the supervision of a registered pharmacist, but without the need of a prescription.
 -Over-the-Counter Medicines are in general medicines classified as Part 2 poison and 'Not a Poison'. For medicines which are classified as 'Not a Poison', they can be freely purchased from a pharmacy (Authorized Seller of Poisons), a medicine store (Listed Seller of Poisons), or any other non-licensed premises; whereas for Part 2 Poisons, they can be purchased only from a pharmacy or a medicine store.
  - For details of legal classification of medicines and sales requirements, please refer to answers to Q5 and Q22 under the FAQs page for the Consumer.
#Generally, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board issues a registration certificate with a validity period of 5 years, and may be renewed for the same validity period thereafter subject to meeting conditions as stipulated in Pharmacy and Poisons Regulation (Cap 138A) reg 36(7).